OmniDex Block Producer

OmniDexBP is a block producer and a part of the OmniDex ecosystem built on the Telos blockchain. Our mission is to lead the way in democratizing the distribution of rewards from block production. The majority of the Omnidex BP rewards will be distributed back to community members in return for providing liquidity to the Telos EVM. This, in turn will encourage activity and directly increase the overall value locked within the ecosystem. By distributing BP TLOS rewards to liquidity providers, OmniDex will help to improve liquidity and reduce slippage for key trading pairs. We believe that this is fundamental to attracting larger traders and increasing capital flow into the Telos Network. Any remaining rewards that are not distributed to members will be used to help to ensure that the protocol remains sustainable over time so that Omnidex can continue to grow, add new services and provide even more value to users.

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OmniDex operates a fully decentralized, automated market-making (AMM) exchange. Swap, Farm and earn rewards on the first native DEX built on the Telos EVM. OmniDex offers investors low cost rapid transactions and enables them to avoid many of the potential pitfalls of investing on other networks



OmniLend provides a decentralised, non-custodial solution to connect users who wish to lend with those who want to borrow. Depositors are able to earn a passive income by providing liquidity to the market, while borrowers are able to secure loans, in an overcollateralized manner, against whitelisted assets that they hold.


TLOS Liquid Staking

OmniDex offers the facility to stake TLOS into the Telos Liquid Staking Pool in exchange for sTLOS. This provides access to a steady income from the pool rewards as well as as the ability to participate in other DeFi applications and further increase yield. Rewards from the pool are auto-compounded and so further no action is required to continue earning a yield.

TLOS Staking

Block Producer

OmniDexBP operates block producer nodes on both Telos EVM mainnet and testnet. Our mission is to democratize the distribution of rewards by returning the majority of the rewards earned from block production back to community members. The aim of this is to encourage activity on the tEVM, increase liquidity in key trading pairs and grow the overall value locked.

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OmniDexBP has been nominated for consideration as an elected block producer. This nomination includes the express agreement to all terms of the human-language “eosio” block producer contract by the OmniDexBP entity and all of its owners.
If OmniDexBP is selected to produce blocks by the “eosio” contract, we will sign blocks with our registered producer key and we hereby attest that we will keep this key secret and secure. If we suspect the key has been compromised, we will call block producer registration contract again with a new secure key.
OmniDexBP acknowledges that we have disclosed accurate information about our block producer entity and server locations in line with the requirements of the “eosio” contract . Server location data is accurate to within two degrees of latitude and longitude. The country of domicile of the ownership entity is UK. The location of the block producer servers is Johnstown, Ohio, US. The location of the block producer servers, expressed as latitude and longitude is 40.09383 , -82.75068.

Code of Conduct

  1. Governance
    We decalre that we will uphold and abide by the democratically agreed upon governing rules & procedures described in the Telos Governance Documents and to uphold any non-disclosure agreements with other blockchain networks whether public or private.
  2. Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics
    We will always act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. This includes abiding by all aspects of the governance & arbitration, compliance, and community engagement.
  3. Commitment to Token-holders
    We commit to supporting the growth and success of the Telos EVM by ensuring that more than 50% of the Block Producer rewards are returned back to the community in exchange for providing liquidity and/or other services to the protocol. We commit to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the community, listening, understanding, and taking action when required. We will always encourage constructive dialogue and collaboration.
  4. Arbitration Decisions
    We will abide by, follow, and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted, without delay in accordance with the Telos Blockchain Network Arbitration Rules & Procedures along with arbitration standards & procedures established by all networks we support. We will abstain from publishing opinions on active arbitration.
  5. Political and Operational Independence
    We will maintain full political and operational independence at all times. We will not directly manage or operate more than one block producing node within any singular AntelopeIO-based blockchain.
  6. High Network Performance
    We will operate in accordance with the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement and we will meet or exceed Telos Block Producer Minimum Requirements. We will maintain an appropriate level of investment into the network infrastructure and people to enable all of the networks we support to perform at the highest level.
  7. Ownership
    OmniDexBP is 100% self-funded, owned & operated. We will maintain full financial independence at all times. This includes no operational control by any outside investors and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interests in other network block producers.
  8. Transparency
    OmnidexBP will provide transparency into our operating team, ownership and financials. We will always fully disclose all blockchain networks we support along with any dapp partnerships and collaborations. Our team will always promote high levels of transparency and integrity through all interactions with the community.
  9. Cooperation
    We welcome all opportunities to cooperate with other global block producers and application developers, regardless of geographic location. We will always maintain financial, political, or operational independence, however we believe that cooperation is healthy and beneficial for the whole ecosystem.
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The Team


TJ is the creator and founder of the OmniDex protocol. He is an experienced, full-stack application developer and is adept in a variety of technologies and programming languages. Having tracked the growth of Telos from the early days TJ is passionate about building on the tEVM and providing class leading DeFi services that add value to the ecosystem.


Aoife is an experienced and versatile marketing and communications manager with specialisms in PR and Events. Living in Paris, Aoife has just completed a Masters in Marketing and Brand Management and supports OmniDex with valuable research, PR and digital editorial content.


John is an experienced executive who has spent 30 years building business performance for market leading companies across the services, engineering and telecommunications sectors. As a degree qualified engineer, John provides OmniDex with both technical and business expertise to help guide the long-term growth and success of the protocol.

OmniDexBP is 100% self-funded, owned & operated. We will maintain full financial independence at all times. This includes no operational control by any outside investors and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interests in other network block producers

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End Points

Telos MainNet omnidexbp.json
Telos TestNet testnet.omnidexbp.json